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Shows To See

Red Lace Burlesque Show and          Check for location

Variety Show 21+


Chris Porter 18+                              April 17th                    

Andrew Schulz                              April 18th

Ralph Barbosa                                   April 18th

Ali Siddiq                                             April 19th

Tony Hinchcliffe                              April 19th

Gianmarco Soresi 18+                 April 19th & 20th



The Red Lace Burlesque variety extravaganza promises to keep you entertained and dazzled by circus acts, amazing dancers of all sorts, sensual performances by stunning entertainers, comedy, and the most mystical drag entertainment around!

                                                            Zanies Comedy Club

                                                            Grand Ole Opry House

                                                            James Polk Theater

Comedy through story telling     James Polk Theater

Insult Comedian                              Ryman Auditorium

                                                            Zanies Comedy Club

Shane Gillis                                        April 20th & 21st

                                                            Ryman Auditorium