Schedule of Events

A special note about meals. The committee will be treating everyone to dinner on opening night, April 17th (not including the open bar). They will also be treating everyone to brunch on the last day, April 22nd.

Friday,               3:00 PM          Lunch With The Ladies     The Front Porch

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Wednesday,     5:00 PM          Opening Ceremony and     Montgomery Bell Bell

DATE               TIME                          EVENT                         LOCATION

Thursday,          5:00 PM          You're On Your Own For Dinner

Thursday,          10:30 AM          Family History Talk          MBSP

Saturday,          10:30 AM          Cemetery Tour               MBSP     


During the brunch, an e-bay auction will held for an America Edwards Young chair. Family lore (unverified) has it that it was made for America when she broke her arm as a child. The story also continues that it was the only time in her life that she was allowed to put her arm on the table. Antiques Roadshow (verified) had an identical chair and referred to it as a child's high chair.

Bidding will open at $100 and increase in increments of $10. Bidding will open at 10:15 AM and will close at 11:45 AM. Free Shipping.


April,17th                              Dinner      Open Bar               State Park (MBSP)

April, 18th                              Recover From the Night Before

April, 19th                              Swagger                         Dickson

April 18th

April 19th                              Wish To Attend               Dickson

April 20th          

Friday,               3:00 PM          Men's Lunch With           Lugos

Friday,               3:00 PM          Lunch With The Ladies     The Front Porch

Friday,               5:00 PM          Dinner For All Who          Ruby Tuesday

April 20th                              Fish Dinner to Follow          Cemetery     

Saturday,          3:00  PM          Memorial Service               McEwen          

Sunday,          10:00  AM          Closing Brunch & Auction     MBSP          

April 21st          

April 19th                                                                 Dickson